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Know What’s What in a Craft Beer

The craft beer industry in America is growing at a fast pace. In fact, for the first time in history, craft beer surpassed 10% share of the overall U.S. beer industry. While the craft beer industry is growing, the overall beer market experienced a slight decline.

So what’s behind the trend for craft beer? Basically, a craft beer is a well-made interesting beer that tends to cost more than the big macro-brands, even when it is the same beer style category. Craft beer has a distinct character appropriate for its style and generally pairs well with certain food. A craft beer may be made by a small brewer or by a larger regional brewery, imported or domestic. The best ingredients are used and brewers are dedicated to their craft. Drinking craft beer is an art and consumers enjoy the experience. So what makes for a good craft beer?

That good craft beer feeling is…

What is the what in craft beer?

  • Designed for customers who appreciate quality over quantity. “Drink better not more.” It’s a philosophy right for today’s world.
  • Is handcrafted, just as good food in a restaurant with that hometown brewed locally flavor.
  • An art and unlike manufacturers, craft brewers do not rely on market research to create the next great beer. The craft brewer is inspired and enjoy creating the next new taste.
  • Choices, choices and more choices. A much wider range of beer styles than you see from macro-brewers.
  • Styles usually include a whole lot more hops than is found in any macro brew.
  • Just like fine wine, flavorful, rewarding and can be wonderfully paired with great with food.
  • Made from higher quality base malts from more expensive two-row barley instead of cheaper six-row barley used in macro-brewers.
  • Made with specialty malts that are more expensive which are more potent and provides a wide range of beer flavors.
  • Available in a lighter version but made with corn and rice which are cheaper adjunct grains but will not lighten the taste of craft beer. To create “light” beer, craft brewers us an all-malt recipe.

Thirty years ago, craft beer was barely a term. Today, the phrase craft beer has been uttered by everyone from beer aficionados to the average Bob. People are talking about it, want it, and even have a few favorites.

Despite the long hours that go into making craft beer, the ultimate goal of a craft brewer is to make a better beer. No matter where you live, there are definitely some great local craft beers to choose from. So, enjoy a cold one.

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