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Close-Knit Community: How a California Craft Brewer Weaves It All Together

Three Weavers founder Lynne Weaver (left) and Brewmaster Alex Nowell (right). The youngest of three daughters with three daughters of her own, Lynne Weaver left a lucrative career as a tax accountant to be a full-time mom. However, the driven mother of three knew she wanted to do more. So, in ...

Inspection System Best Practices

Quality is crucial for manufacturers’ growth and sustainability. Without quality measures, you run the risk of food safety issues, production downtime, and worse, damaged brand perception. Increased demands for more products quicker and increasing expectations by consumers’ means manufacturers ...
Small Breweries

The Rise of Small Breweries in a Corporate Takeover Environment

Why are small breweries rising despite large corporate takeovers? As a child, I enjoyed playing Monopoly with friends and family. I'd strategically buy every piece of land on the game board as fast as possible. Today, monopolies are taking over every economic sector, including the beer industry. ...
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