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Here’s Why Package Integrity Matters

Your company has spent millions of dollars making sure their product reaches the consumer at the right time, price, and place with the desire to build a loyal consumer and generate revenues, that’s what this is all about after all. One important factor for the success of the product is the packaging.

Packaging is important for both the product presentation to the consumer and the configuration in which products are expedited through the various distribution channels. Here is why packaging is so important:

  1. Packaging impacts consumer perception of the brand.
  2. Labeling is vital to communicate packaging requirements.
  3. Packaging a product has to be planned to ensure cost savings on materials, weight and labor, and potential costs from redoing a product.
  4. The production process of making sure containers are free of contaminants, containers are not damaged and adequately filled and sealed.
  5. Most of all, providing safe and aesthetically appealing products to the consumer without sustaining damages.

For manufacturers, it is imperative to make sure the packaging is inspected before being dispatched to the consumer. Thankfully, technology provides manufacturers with advanced and accurate methods to check the packaging before reaching the consumer. FILTEC’s dynamic duo of AURATEC and QUADVIEW assures that manufacturers products are preserved and protects the consumer.

  • AURATEC is a smart and dependable system that provides production line assurance with accurate and consistent detection, guarantees high inspection resolution, and eliminates false rejects due to alignment. Multiple adaptive algorithms evaluate 3D image data in real time at speeds exceeding 1,200 CPM.
  • QUADVIEW is a compact stand-alone system that utilizes advanced optical techniques to provide a 720° field of view. Proprietary inspection algorithms analyze the cap/crown skirt for process defects like bullnose, under fold and skew closures. The combination of AURAtec and QUADVIEW provides a turnkey solution that guarantees package integrity.

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