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Inspection Systems and the Benefits of a Factor Acceptance Test

You’ve done your research, selected the best machine for your inspection needs, and now it’s time for the installation. The first day of commissioning can make you very nervous, after all, a lot of time and money has gone into the project, and you need it to pay off. You want to “know” your inspection system will work, not “hope” it will work.

A Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) can help you avoid the hassle of dealing with equipment downtime and gain peace of mind and assurance. Inspection systems are an essential part of your production process and downtime can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. At FILTEC, we conduct FAT’s at our site to make sure the machines operate to your desired specifications and assure that when the inspection system arrives on site for installation and set-up, everything will run smoothly. Finally, during the FAT, the buyer can qualify the equipment against the contractual agreement and according to the desired specifications.

Conducting a FAT benefit both the buyer and the manufacturer. With new inspection systems and their complexity, it is not uncommon to have minor glitches; therefore, doing a FAT will allow the manufacturer to address and resolved those issues before installation.

Auratec, Intellect Inspection System Factory Acceptance TEstWhile there is no checklist for a FAT, it should consist of various inspection points based on the equipment requirements and specifications.

  • The FAT documentation can be used as a guideline for the installation qualification portion of the validation process.
  • Having the stakeholders from both sides together is an opportunity to review the bill of materials, discuss required or recommended spare parts, parts ordering process, maintenance schedule and request process, and equipment limitations.
  • The opportunity to see the machines in action and the hands-on training builds confidence for the personnel who will be operating the machine once it arrives on site.

The best time to have the FAT is 2-4 weeks before the scheduled ship date. This allows time to make any necessary modifications or adjustments to ensure the inspection systems are fully operational upon arrival to the plant. Verifying, inspecting and testing your equipment before installation vastly reduces start-up issues on site and thus, saves you time and money. We live in a “right now” world but take the time to conduct a FAT so you can be confident your inspection systems will work according to your production needs.

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