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Package Inspection Integration—Key Factors to Consider

The food and beverage manufacturing are a very competitive industry. Producers want to be the first to introduce new products, provide quality, and build a loyal brand following.

Package Inspection Integration

In such a competitive industry, efficiency and productivity require powerful automated inspection systems to monitor production lines. Manufacturers need inspection systems that inspect flaws at a high-speed with precision and accuracy.

While there is a wide range of inspection system choices, manufacturers should consider the value of an integrated system. A few years ago, an all-in-one packaging system was considered an emerging trend. Today, integrated systems are dominating the market and as technology continues to evolve, will become the system of choice for manufacturers. Integrated systems provide manufacturers the ability to inspect container flaws, fill levels, labels, and cases with the ability to reject those that do not meet quality standards.

While going through the inspection system selection process, manufacturers must consider the following factors:

  • Is the system future-proof? In other words, as your production grows and expands, is your inspection system upgradeable, adaptable, and expandable?
  • How much will it cost to train your staff? Will it be an on-going investment or is it one and done?
  • Will the system add value to your production line? Will it increase productivity and efficiency? Is it measurable?
  • Will the machine require increased staffing or reduced staffing? What are the internal implications?
  • Will you have to carry additional parts inventory or will the integrated system reduce the number of parts required? What are the financial implications?
  • As we all know, return on investment is paramount. In the case of an integrated system, how does the integrated system increase productivity, is it worth the investment, and can you calculate the savings?
  • The all-important intangible that we know is important, is there a monetary value of eliminating consumer complaints and recalls?

FILTEC offers a variety of inspection systems for all applications. Contact us to learn about our inspection system solutions.

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