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The Top Five Food and Packaging Trends to look for in 2018

Top five packaging trends in 2018Environment-Friendly (? Sustainability)

Consumers and companies are more than ever aware of the importance of recycling and its future benefits. In fact, some companies are leading the charge and developing biodegradable bottle innovations.

Plastic over Glass

More and more companies are choosing plastic over glass for several reasons. PET requires less packaging by weight, safer handling for the customer, easier and more environmentally easy to move.

Exploring Pouches

Many brands are looking to stand out from the competition with the use of stand-up pouches. A growing trend in the industry, stand-up pouches allows brands to explore bright colors and be creative in their packaging approach. Stand-up pouches are averaging a 6.2% growth yearly and will reach $37.3 billion next year. Aside from creative packaging, stand-up pouches are much lighter than other packaging choices and can be shipped and stored flat which takes up less space.

Retro Designs

Brands are experimenting with nostalgia and going old school in their packaging choices. Limited color palette and printed looks are becoming the design of choice for the food industry. Don Papa rum is going old fashioned with its brand design while Dr. Feelgood is using fewer colors and more traditional print.

Out of the Norm Container Choices

Some beverage companies are not afraid to experiment and using innovative materials for their packaging. For instance, one whiskey manufacturer is the first in the industry to use metal packaging.

Regardless of the packaging design, FILTEC has an inspection solution to meet your needs. Whether it’s in a can, a bottle or a new design, contact us for a consultation.

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