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FILTEC Showcases Vision Inspection Innovation at Pack Expo International Booth #S-2901

Chicago, IL – October 17, 2022– FILTEC (www.filtec.com), the leading global provider of end-to-end quality inspection solutions, will showcase their Vision innovations at Pack Expo International at Booth #S-2901 in McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, October 23-26, 2022.

PACK EXPO International is one of the world’s most comprehensive packaging and processing events. Attendees can visit the FILTEC booth to learn more about the benefits of Vision container inspection and to see FILTEC’s quality assurance solutions live.

“We look forward to meeting Pack Expo attendees and giving them the opportunity to see some of FILTEC’s Vision inspection products in person,” states FILTEC Product Manager Director Dave Coleman. “We will demonstrate to visitors first-hand how FILTEC fits on almost every line and addresses the key quality assurance needs that are faced by today’s beverage, food, pharmaceutical, and household goods producers.”

At this year’s event, attendees will be able to see a brand new FILTEC solution in action: Remote Vision Inspection systems (RVI).  FILTEC launched RVI in mid-2022, delivering a highly adaptable solution that inspects PET and glass bottles as well as aluminum cans for several applications, including Barcode track traceability; Label presence, position, and pattern match; Missing, high, or cocked cap; Major tamper band defects; Fill level inspection for PET and glass bottles; Lid and tab inspection for cans; and Seam damage inspection on aluminum cans.

“What makes RVI so unique is that the systems use modern Vision inspection capabilities in a very compact and flexible package,” says FILTEC Chief Commercial Officer, Matthew Trowbridge. “We’ve talked to many companies that have struggled with adding quality assurance to their lines due to lack of space, and RVI systems mitigate that problem.”

Additional FILTEC products that will be demonstrated live at Pack Expo 2022 include:

  • FILTEC INTELLECT –INTELLECT is a unique, scalable container inspection platform designed to track, monitor, and report on container quality through each step of the entire packaging process. INTELLECT provides a user-friendly 19″ color touchscreen operator interface and integrates multiple types of inspection technologies in a modular fashion to reduce size-of-footprint on the line.
  • FILTEC Vision Empty Can Inspection – The Filtec Empty Can Inspection Solution is a highly configurable system that uses Vision technology to detect defects in empty cans on lines running up to 2,400 cans per minute. The solution inspects for damages and imperfections on the inner sidewalls, base, and can rims.
  • FILTEC Fill Level Inspection – With a compact footprint and easy installation, FILTEC Fill Level Systems are the industry standard for inspecting liquid fill levels in bottles and cans. FILTEC Fill Level Systems come with Vision cameras for clear bottles and Photon inspection for cans and opaque containers.
  • FILTEC Auratec – Filtec’s Vision Pressure solution, Auratec, offers non-contact, high-resolution, laser profiling technology to precisely measure the external surface topography of closures and ensure that each container meets its internal pressure or vacuum requirements, which prevents leaking or dud containers from shutting down production lines or reaching consumers.
  • 360 Vision Fill Level and Closure Inspection – This unique inspection system utilizes sophisticated optical and sensing technologies to inspect high-speed bottle lines for correct fill level and cap and closure defects – including bullnose and metal crown defects and cracked plastic caps.

RVI is not the only new inspection solution delivered by FILTEC in 2022. In September, FILTEC unveiled the evolution of empty bottle inspection – OMNIVISION 4 with INTELLECT – at Drinktec in Munich. OMNIVISION 4 is FILTEC’s all-surface, Empty Glass Bottle and refPET Inspection System that detects foreign objects and flaws in the base, sidewall, finish, and threads of empty transparent containers. (Watch the product video)

FILTEC encourages companies that are unable to travel to Pack Expo in person to visit https://info.filtec.com/pack-expo-2022 and learn more about their range of innovative, intelligent solutions for in-line inspection.


FILTEC increases the efficiency of your production line while protecting your brand integrity and customers at the point of sale.  We are the global leader in container inspection technologies for manufacturers of food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and personal care. Our in-line inspection solutions for aluminum cans, glass bottles, PET bottles, and full packs include fill level, label, pressure, closure, and empty can and bottle inspection. We utilize the latest quality assurance technologies – including machine vision, the INTELLECT inspection platform, and quantitative analysis software – which give businesses a real-time view of their line performance. For more information, please visit www.filtec.com.

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