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FILTEC’s INTELLECT Compact Support Unit Debuts at Pack Expo Las Vegas

LOS ANGELES, September 18, 2019 – FILTEC will unveil at Pack Expo Las Vegas the INTELLECT Compact Support Unit– its latest addition to the company’s extensive line of inspection solutions and technologies. This innovative compact-size inspection system has the functionalities and efficiencies of its larger standard unit, the INTELLECT, but is only half the size. The INTELLECT Compact Support Unit is designed for small production lines, making it particularly attractive to craft beer, cannabis, and other such emerging industries.

While comparatively small in size, the INTELLECT Compact Support Unit is a powerhouse, providing all the inspection solutions required by manufacturers. It identifies and isolates contaminants and damage in real-time at the exact point of the production line process and rectifies the problem immediately. This allows companies with small production lines to reduce product and packaging waste. Furthermore, the INTELLECT Compact Support Unit provides detailed information allowing production teams to identify preventative maintenance schedules before a problem becomes critical, which minimizes downtime and lost production.

With all FILTEC solutions being modular and fully adaptable, companies in fluid growth stages are particularly drawn to their product line. This is why FILTEC expects the cannabis and craft beer industries to welcome this new compact-size technology wholeheartedly, as their production line requirements may start small, but are poised to grow rapidly. The INTELLECT Support Unit may easily be upgraded to the full-size INTELLECT as space and production lines increase.

“It’s our job to foresee the needs of existing clients and new industries entering the marketplace that require unique packaging solutions,” said Christian Beck, Senior Product Manager. “We are able to quickly customize our solutions to keep step with our client’s growth and the varying specifications of each industry’s packaging demands. It’s what makes us unique.”

The development of the compact-size INTELLECT Support Unit was inspired by the high success of its forerunner, the INTELLECT, which debuted last year. The INTELLECT is a breakthrough technology that quickly escalated as a leading inspection system for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer products, and cosmetic industries. Experiencing such immediate popularity, FILTEC realized it was a natural progression to offer a system with the same functionalities in a compact unit to make it more adaptable to the space limitations and requirements of manufacturers with smaller production lines.

“Being scalable, upgradable, and adaptable to changing markets is key to ensuring manufacturers save time and money, now and in the future,” said Beck.


FILTEC was founded in 1958 and has maintained its position as a world leader in producing innovative inspection systems for the beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries. It has a long history of firsts, taking the industry to new levels. For half a century, FILTEC has served some of the world’s most iconic brands. Globally, it has the largest installed base of inspection equipment in beverage and food packaging. With today’s changing landscape in packaging, the company is experiencing unprecedented growth in emerging markets with its novel turnkey solutions.

As a world-renowned industry leader, FILTEC has local offices and provides support in more than 20 international territories. The company’s 120,000 square foot research, development and production complex in Torrance, Calif. is its world headquarters. For more information about FILTEC, please visit www.FILTEC.com.


INTELLECT platform – Industry’s most innovative inspection machine

Enables beverage, food, and consumer goods manufacturers to automatically monitor the product packaging process and inspect container quality through the entire process from depalletizing to repalletizing. At each step of the process, INTELLECT can inspect and monitor fill level, container closure, container sealing, label condition, pressure & vacuum, and package condition. The platform ensures the quality of the products and prevents product waste, eliminates production downtime, and protects the value of the brand. The INTELLECT powers all FILTEC inspection machines and are equipped with an advanced modular system.

VISION – Unparalleled multiple vision inspection system capabilities

Highly advanced, modular 360-degree vision inspection solution capable of a wide variety of packaging inspections including fill level, closure, and label inspection. VISION‘s inspection capabilities allow for a wide range of configurations to meet the changing needs of the modern packaging line. Production line speeds up to 1200 CPM.

AURATEC Pressure/Vacuum Detection System – Validates package integrity with optimum success

The AURATEC is a smart and dependable system that provides production line assurance with true and consistent detection, guarantees high inspection resolution, and eliminates false rejects due to alignment. Multiple adaptive algorithms evaluate 3D image data in real time at speeds exceeding 1,200 CPM.

QUADVIEW – Overlapping view capabilities identify container defects

is a compact stand-alone system that utilizes advanced optical techniques to provide a 720° field of view. Proprietary inspection algorithms analyze the cap/crown skirt for process defects like bull nose, under fold, and skew closures. When coupled with the AURATEC provides a turnkey solution that guarantees package integrity.

FILTEC 3XR – Ensures fill level requirements are met with exceptional speed and precision

Requiring a small footprint, the FILTEC 3XR has compact design detects under- and/or overfill, DUD detection, bulges, high or low foam, missing lid and foil, smashed container, down can, and high/ cocked cap. Available in Gamma or X-ray, this system provides the diagnostics you need on the production line at speeds of 2,400 CPM and 1,400 BPM.


OMNIVISION3 — Inspects Empty Bottles Before Filling in Record Speed

The OMNIvision3 is the fastest EBI on the market with speeds up to 1,400 BPM. With 360-degree inspection capabilities, the system has over 200 independent inspection zones across 18 inspection categories. Processing up to 16 ultra-high-resolution images per container, the FILTEC imaging processing software in the OMNIvision3 is 100 times as powerful as PC-based inspection systems thus providing customers high-resolution accuracy.

EMPTY CAN INSPECTOR (ECI) Highly configurable Vision machine keeps production flowing

Since launching at PACK EXPO International 2018, FITLEC’s ECI has taken the lead as an industry favorite. It has a compact machine footprint that is easy to install and capable of inspecting for flange, inner sidewall, and base type defects. The system will easily integrate into existing production lines and ready to use. ECI reduces downtime and increases production line efficiency by reducing jams at the filler/seamer.

FILTEC 3-CI (Case Inspector) – Inspects closed or open cases with high accuracy

FILTEC 3-CI has a flexible configuration that can handle multi-tier cases and boxes that are shrink-wrapped. The system is compact and requires a small footprint, easy to install, and requires minimal line modifications. Conducts inspections at speeds up to 300 cases per minute.

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