Closure Integrity

An essential step in the production process is inspecting container closure. Manufacturers invest a tremendous amount of resources to produce products for consumers, and it is crucial to protect their products from the time they are made to when they consumed by customers. Failure to maintain an integral packaging system not only creates a risk to the consumer but also increases manufacturer waste, downtime, and reduces profits.

FILTEC’s INTELLECT Closure Integrity solution ensures closure integrity.


INTELLECT PRESSURE accurately and consistently detects low/high pressure and leak defects in glass, can, and PET. The inspection system self-adjusts to facilitate three axes of the container positioning variances commonly found during normal production thus reducing false rejects and saving you time and money.


INTELLECT CLOSURE features a proprietary optical design that produces four 180-degree views of each closure providing a complete inspection of the container.  Advanced optical techniques and algorithms inspect bullnose, under fold, color and texture, skew and broken caps, as well as the slightest imperfection.

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