Full and Empty Container Inspection Solutions

FILTEC is a leading provider of inspection solutions for the beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Our reliable full and empty container inspection solutions provide manufacturers the assurance they need.

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Case Inspection solution provides a comprehensive full case inspection and quality checks for closed and open cases.

3XR & 3G

Fill level inspection is a crucial quality control issue for food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Maintaining a product’s correct fill level is a constant challenge with overfills and underfills having a significant impact on customer satisfaction as well as a company’s bottom line.


Identifying pressure and leak issues protects the integrity of the manufacturers’ product. The AURATEC provides the assurance you need on your production line.


Detecting and rejecting defects in empty cans before they cause productivity problems and be a threat to the health of the consumer is critical to your production line. Our empty can inspection solution makes sure only clean, undamaged, and uncontaminated cans are filled and sealed.


We’re always thinking ahead and INTELLECT+ interface is our answer to your future manufacturing growth. This modular system ensures upgradeability to meet your most challenging production needs today and in the future.


Protection and traceability are the primary reasons to incorporation a laser coding system on your production line. Our LASETEC4 is the system you need and is capable of marking plastics and glass at high speeds.


The OMNIVISION3  performs a complete 360-degree analysis of empty bottles to ensure the container is free of contaminants and defects.


The QUADVIEW conducts four 180-degree inspection view of each container closure and can detect the slightest imperfection. Just the assurance you need.


Increase throughput and reduce waste with our VISION defect and flaw inspection system that is capable of a wide range of configurations to meet your packaging line needs.

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