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FILTEC To Release Breaking Technology At ExpoPack 2015

mars 19th, 2015

LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2015 – filtec’s annual appearance at EXPOPACK Mexico on June 16-19, 2015 (Booth #2630) will celebrate the official debut of two new products within the Mexican and Central American markets.

The new floating object detection system and the next generation empty bottle inspection (EBI) system serve to elevate Filtec’s catalog of offerings worldwide, addressing the increasingly demanding needs of the beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • The Spectrovision Floater: The Spectrovision Floater is a new technology designed as a final-check inspection process for full, transparent glass, and returnable PET containers. The machine is capable of detecting foreign objects floating near the fill level of the container, including but not limited to: transparent foil, cellophane, candy wrappers, paper, wood, and plastic capsules.
  • The OMNIVISION3: The next evolution of Filtec’s storied OMNIvision3 EBI system which inspects for flaws in the base, outer and inner sidewall, finish, and thread of empty returnable glass and REFPET containers. Equipped with a completely new inspection hardware platform, the OMNIvision3 is capable of processing over four times the data of the previous Omnivision II, allowing for higher line speeds and more accurate detection of even smaller flaws.

Both the Spectrovision Floater and the OMNIvision3 were developed to fit the specific requirements of Filtec’s most high profile customers, adhering to stringent detection standards, maximum reliability, and absolute compliance above and beyond industry regulations.

“Mexico is a crucial part of our global strategy and continues to be a priority market for us,” said Pascal Pilote, Sr. Managing Director of Filtec Americas. “We are committed to maintaining our dominate market share by providing our local partners with the most advanced technology, and we lean on their active feedback and involvement.”

Thanks to successful installations in South and Latin America in early 2015, both machines are now available worldwide. For more detailed machine information and to request a quote, please contact Filtec at askfiltec@filtec.com, or for a list of local contacts visit www.filtec.com.


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