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Vision Pressure Solution for Bottles

FILTEC Vision Pressure solution is a 3D, Vision-based, adaptive solid-state inspection solution for cans and bottles. Its non-contact, high-resolution, laser profiling technology precisely measures the external surface topography of closures to ensure that each container meets its internal pressure or vacuum requirements to prevent poor quality containers from being shipped to the consumer.

The FILTEC Vision Pressure Solution protects against:

Poor Product quality due to sealing failures
Content contamination and health risks
Collapsing cases and spoilage during transportation due to leakage
Customer complaints and returns
Vision Pressure for Bottles

Comprehensive bottle applications include:

Nitrogen-dosed PET bottles, carbonated drinks, hot-filled glass & PET bottles
Inspection solutions include glass, aluminum pull-tabs and PET bottles
The solution seamlessly integrates with the INTELLECT platform for a complete seal integrity solution.

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Vision Pressure Inspection of Bottles

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