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Vision Pressure Solution for Bottles

FILTEC’s Vision Pressure solution, Auratec, is a 3D, Vision-based, adaptive solid-state inspection solution for cans and bottles. Its non-contact, high-resolution, laser profiling technology precisely measures the external surface topography of closures to ensure that each container meets its internal pressure or vacuum requirements to prevent poor-quality containers from being shipped to the consumer.

Our unique pressure inspection technology delivers return on investment with an ultra-high-resolution camera, compact form factor, and high-tolerance container positioning for extremely accurate measurement. 


The FILTEC Vision Pressure Solution protects against:

Poor Product quality due to sealing failures
Content contamination and health risks
Collapsing cases and spoilage during transportation due to leakage
Customer complaints and returns

Comprehensive bottle applications include:

Nitrogen-dosed PET bottles, carbonated drinks, hot-filled glass & PET bottles
Inspection solutions include glass, aluminum pull-tabs and PET bottles
The solution seamlessly integrates with the INTELLECT platform for a complete seal integrity solution.
Vision Pressure for Bottles

With INTELLECT Integration, you will have a deeper view of your line data. INTELLECT provides:

  • Continuous monitoring and statistical analysis of line operations
  • A sampling of filler valves and closer/capper heads at high production speeds
  • Isolation and evaluation of the performance of individual filler valves and closer/capper heads

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Vision Pressure Inspection of Bottles

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