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X-Ray and Gamma Fill Level Solutions for Cans

Reduces waste and increases downstream efficiency

FILTEC offers a variety of fill-level solutions to meet your needs, including X-Ray and Gamma Fill Level Solutions for cans.

Inspecting cans for the correct fill level reduces waste and increases the efficiency of the entire downstream production process.

It provides improved product quality and greater brand protection by:

  • Reducing expensive jams and downstream waste
  • Ensuring fast inspection rates and maximum line throughput
  • Reducing product give-away, underfill complaints and claims
  • Delivering consistent quality and customer satisfaction at the point of sale

FILTEC’s Fill Level Solutions:

Are compact enough for any line

Enable data transfer and connectivity to your Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Deliver the most reliable, precise measurement technology

Integrate with INTELLECT applications and modules for a complete, end-to-end inspection solution

Compact Intellect Interface

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