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FILTEC Introduces the INTELLECT+ and AURATEC at America’s Largest Craft Brewing Industry Gathering

LOS ANGELES, APRIL 23, 2018—FILTEC filed a patent for the first empty bottle inspector in 1959 giving birth to inspection system automation. The following year, FILTEC sent the first optical fill level and infrared inspection technology to market. This year, the company celebrates 60 years in the inspection system industry. Attendees are invited to visit the FILTEC booth #1458 at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN on May 1-3, 2018 and experience the latest innovations in Empty Bottle Inspection, Fill Level Inspection, Vision Inspection, Pressure Detection, and Case Inspection.

Demonstrating an innovative approach to inspection in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry, FILTEC will showcase its legacy of innovation, quality, and performance. During the 2018 Craft Brewers Conference, new products such as the INTELLECT+ and the AURATEC will make its Craft Beer debut, while other legacy inspection systems such as the FILTEC Fill Level, 3CI Case Inspector, and OMNIvision3 will remind the Craft Brewer community how FILTEC protects the integrity of their brands. FILTEC inspection units track every movement of the packaging line from beginning to end to keep operations smooth and product flawless.

“Over FILTEC’s 60-year history, innovation has driven our success. FILTEC introduced many firsts and as you walk the Craft Brewer Conference show floor, our innovative technology will be evident. The INTELLECT+ is an all-in-one interface that integrates with all FILTEC systems. The system is future-proof, as your business grows and evolves, the system does too. The AURATEC is a smart and dependable pressure detection system that is equipped with a laser beam and line scan camera providing unmatched accuracy in the industry. FILTEC is delivering on its promise to inspect your product, detect with accuracy flaws, and protect the integrity of your brand,” said Leon Coetzee, Vice President Product Marketing.

INTELLECT+ Scalable Interface which Grows With Your Business

Making its first US debut in the Craft Brew industry, the INTELLECT+ is a scalable and upgradable future-proof inspection system that will expand as your business grows. The innovative system seamlessly integrates with all FILTEC systems which save Craft Brewers time and money due to a commonality of parts and less time training staff. Current applications include 360-degree crown/cap inspection, bottle sorting, body and neck label inspection, date code inspection, fill level inspection, and offers easy change over in under five minutes.

AURATEC Pressure Detection Inspects Container Damages with Multiple Algorithms

The AURATEC is a smart and dependable system that provides production line assurance with true and consistent detection, guarantees high inspection resolution, and eliminates false rejects due to alignment. Multiple adaptive algorithms evaluate image data in real-time at speeds up to 1,200 CPM.

Finger Rejector Increases Productivity and Quality

FILTEC’s Finger Rejector is the perfect choice for sorting and upright rejection of empty and full containers. Designed to meet the customers’ requirements, the multi-finger state-of-the-art electropneumatic controls are a low maintenance upright rejection with precision alignment at speeds above 73,000 containers per hour.

OMNIvision3 Empty Bottle Inspector Rejects Objects and Flaws Before Filling

The OMNIvision3 is the fastest EBI on the market with speeds up to 1,400 BPM. With 360-degree inspection capabilities, the system has over 200 independent inspection zones across 18 inspection categories. Processing up to 16 ultra-high-resolution images per container, the FILTEC imaging processing software in the OMNIvision3 is 100 times as powerful as PC-based inspection systems thus providing customers with high-resolution accuracy.

FILTEC 3XR & 3G Makes Sure You Meet Fill Level Requirements

Requiring a small footprint, FILTEC 3XR & 3G, has a compact design and detects under- and/or overfill, DUD detection, bulges, high or low foam, missing lid, and foil, smashed container, down can, and high/ cocked cap. Available in Gamma or X-Ray, this system provides the diagnostics you need on the production line at speeds of 2,400 CPM and 1,400 BPM.

FILTEC 3CI (Case Inspector) Inspects Closed or Open Cases

FILTEC 3CI has a flexible configuration that can handle multi-tier cases and boxes that are shrink-wrapped. The system is compact and requires a small footprint, easy to install, and requires minimal line modifications (if any).



Founded in 1958, FILTEC is a leading provider of in-line inspection systems for the beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries. With local offices and support in over 20 international territories, FILTEC has served some of the world’s most iconic brands on a global scale for over half a century.

Simply put, FILTEC inspects, detects, and protects your product and brand. Contact us with your inspection system challenges.

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