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Vision Sorting Solution for Empty Bottles

Ensure Only Ideal Bottles are Sent to the Filler

The Vision Sorting Solution for Empty Bottles is an automated machine vision system for lines operating up to 1,200 bottles per minute (BPM).

The system:

  • Inspects every bottle to prevent incorrect bottles being sent to the filler
  • Combines sophisticated optical and sensing technology with state-of-the-art electronics housed in a stainless-steel environmental enclosure
  • Reduces waste and increases efficiency of the entire downstream production process
  • Provides improved product quality and greater brand protection

The solution is easily set up for a variety of bottle types and can be configured with a wide range of INTELLECT complementary applications and modules.​

The solution provides:

Continuous inspection of shape and height sorting for every bottle prior to entering the filling process

High-resolution camera inspection, fast image processing and advanced shape algorithms​

Documentation and rejection of each bottle that does not conform to the shape and height specifications


Shape and height parameters are stored in an Empty Bottle Image Library that can be individually recalled when running another order with the same type of bottle

Inspection sorting data exported to a host Management Execution System (MES)​ or a PLC

FILTEC Vision Sorting benefits:

Only bottles that are the correct height and shape are allowed to proceed further downstream

Potential filling and capping issues, label misalignment or jams are eliminated​

Variable-shaped bottles being shipped to the customer are avoided

Product uniformity and appearance at the final point of sale is assured​

The Empty Bottle Image Library ensures that the customer receives identical bottles when placing a repeat order avoiding costly returns​

Customer complaints are reduced, protecting market share and customer loyalty​

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