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360 Vision Closure and Fill Level Solution for Bottles

Automated Machine Vision System

The FILTEC 360-Degree Vision Closure and Fill Level Solution is an automated machine vision system designed for bottle closures on lines operating up to 1,200 bottles per minute (BPM). It utilizes sophisticated optical and sensing technologies to inspect every bottle for correct fill level and prevent incorrectly closed bottles from being shipped to the consumer. Inspecting bottles for the correct closure provides improved product quality and greater brand protection.

The Vision Closure Solution Provides:

Vision Camera Solution to address a variety of
closure and lid defects

Applications available for color or pattern

Small footprint on the production line

Upgradeable on most existing FILTEC

Compact Vision Closure for Bottles

Advanced optical techniques and algorithms inspect detect the smallest cap and crown defects, including:

Bullnose defects on metal crowns

Cracks on plastic caps

Color and texture

Closure presence verification

Color verification

Closure misalignment

The solution seamlessly integrates with the INTELLECT platform for a complete seal integrity solution.

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