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Label and Code Inspection

FILTEC offers unique and innovative inspection solutions for shrink sleeve labels, glue-on labels, and code track and traceability, all of which integrate with the INTELLECT platform.

For labels, our state-of-the art Vision technology inspects the placement and condition of glue-on and shrink sleeve labels on bottles.  Our advanced imaging capabilities combined with our INTELLECT platform offer a powerful inspection solution that ensures only containers with perfect labels make it to the point-of-sale.

The Filtec Remote Vision Inspection system also inspects labels, in addition to Date Code InkJet or Laser Presence, and Barcode Traceability on bottles and cans. 

FILTEC Vision solutions for Label and Code inspection check for:

Smiley/Frowney Labels

Damaged Labels

Missing Labels

Multiple Labels

Skewed Labels

Date Code InkJet or Laser Presence

Barcode Traceability

Standard features and applications of FILTEC Vision Shrink Sleeve Label Inspection include:

  • 360° inspection view of the container‘s shrink sleeve label
  • Lighting for each camera is provided by LED strobes that are orientated to reduce reflections and give even, overall illumination for enhanced contrast
  • The Vision engine captures an image of each label
  • Each container is tracked and documented, and either continues or is removed from the line if necessary

Standard features and applications of FILTEC Vision Glue-On Label Inspection include:

  • 360° inspection view with overlapping coverage for a complete view of all the container‘s labels
  • A state-of-the-art machine vision processor operates at high speeds for maximum performance
  • A Vision enclosure that protects the entire inspection process from ambient light interference
  • Discrete back, neck and body label inspection that uses unique vertical print references to register accurate alignment of all labels
Glue On Label
  • Compact and flexible quality assurance inspection for most food, beverage and pharmaceutical lines.
  • Modern Vision technology inspects for a number of applications, including date and lot code presence, barcode traceability, and more.
  • Inspection of Date Code InkJet or Laser presence on the bottom of cans, neck of PET and glass bottles, or top and sides of bottle caps.
  • RVI Modules integrate with the INTELLECT machines you already have on your line, or that you add in the future.
date code on side of bottle cap

With INTELLECT Integration, you will have a deeper view of your line data. INTELLECT provides:

  • Continuous monitoring and statistical analysis of line operations
  • A sampling of filler valves and closer/capper heads at high production speeds
  • Isolation and evaluation of the performance of individual filler valves and closer/capper heads

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