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Fill Level Inspection

What is fill level inspection?

Fill Level Inspection is an essential type of quality control inspection. A container’s “Fill Level” is the desired height of the liquid during a filling operation. The amount of fill varies based on the size and type of container and the type of product inside the container. 

What Are the Benefits of Fill Level Inspection?

Closely monitoring filler performance keeps high-speed line operations smooth and in line with quality assurance (QA) standards. FILTEC Fill Level Inspection systems can identify under/over- performing or broken valves within seconds. Improperly filled bottles or cans are prevented from reaching customers. Real-time warnings prevent wasted product, container damages, and line failures.

FILTEC’s Fill Level Solutions Include:

Filtec 3 Fill Level System

FILTEC 3 Fill Level Inspection

System Highlights:

• Small machine footprint for easy installation
• Compact, hygienic design
• Option of Gamma or X-Ray Systems
• Remote Ethernet-based connectivity
• Ability to upgrade to INTELLECT platform and controller interface

Photon Fill Level system

Photon Fill Level Inspection with Intellect

System Highlights:

  • Utilizes Gamma or X-Ray to inspect opaque containers
  • Ensures precision filling of containers of various shapes, sizes, and types
  • Compact INTELLECT controller interface
  • Remote Ethernet-based connectivity
Filtec Vision Fill Level Inspection

FILTEC Vision Fill Level

System Highlights:

• Use Machine Vision for Precision Fill Level measurement
• Increase line efficiency and output
• Inspect at line speeds that support maximum throughput rates
• Remote Ethernet-based connectivity
•Adds the power of INTELLECT to your line

Filler Valve Management

FILTEC FIller Management Solutions

System Highlights:

  • FILTEC provides a range of Filler Management solutions to meet your unique production needs
  • Uses Vision or Photon technologies for the most accurate
    filler management based on the container and product
  • System samples filler valves and closer/capper heads at high production speeds
  • Isolates and evaluates performance of individual filler valves and closer/capper heads
  • Integrates with FILTEC’s INTELLECT inspection platform
    and modules
Compact Vision Closure for Bottles

360 Vision Closure and Fill Level

System Highlights:

  • Utilizes machine vision for precision measurement of fill level and container closure
  • Address a variety of closure and lid defects
  • Applications available for color or pattern recognition
  • Integrates fill level and closure inspection in one solution that has a very small footprint on the production line
  • Integrates with FILTEC’s INTELLECT inspection platform and modules
  • Provides improved product quality and greater brand protection

Additional Application Options Include:

  • Slosh Compensation
  • Foam Compensation
  • Closure Color
  • Pattern Inspection
  • Date Code Inspection
  • Closure Defect Inspection
  • Vent Tube Detection
  • Pressure Inspection
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Label Inspection

With INTELLECT Integration, you will have a deeper view of your line data. INTELLECT provides:

  • Continuous monitoring and statistical analysis of line operations
  • A sampling of filler valves and closer/capper heads at high production speeds
  • Isolation and evaluation of the performance of individual filler valves and closer/capper heads

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