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Empty Bottle Inspection

The Fastest, Most Comprehensive Empty Bottle Inspection in the World

Empty bottle inspection ensures that glass and refillable PET bottles are clean, free of damages, and free of contaminants before they reach your customers.

OMNIVISION 3 is FILTEC’s all-surface, pre-wash Empty Glass Bottle and refPET Inspection System that detects foreign objects and flaws in the base, sidewall, finish, and threads of empty transparent containers. With speeds of over 1,400 containers per minute, OMNIVISION3 has the fastest image processing technology in the market.

Omnivision 3 Empty Bottle Inspection

The OMNIvision 3 performs a thorough inspection for every surface of every container and rejects imperfect bottles before they have a chance to reach the filler. This protects your products and customers from:

Chipped Finish and Neck Cracks
Air Bubbles and Blowouts
Mold and Foreign Objects
Glass Scabs, Fins, and Fragments
Damaged Thread
Scuffing and Imperfections
Residual and Caustic Liquids


Product Features

Outer Sidewall Empty Bottle Inspection

Outer Sidewall Inspection

The outer sidewall portion of the OMNIvision 3 creates a rotation that allows the inspection camera to capture the entire outer surface of the bottle, taking up to 12 images of each container for a complete 360 degree front surface inspection.

These images are then analyzed for defects according to the customer’s parameters, allowing for ACLs, glass mold marks, and other branding details.

Starwheel Multi-Surface Inspection

The OMNIvision 3 utilizes a starwheel to transport each container through multiple inspection fields. Rejects are ejected directly from the starwheel, removing the need for an additional downstream rejecter and reducing overall line footprint.

Starwheel Multi-surface Empty Bottle Inspection
Interactive Solution

Interactive Solution

The OMNIvision 3 is paired with a touch screen user interface for easy and complete control of machine function as well as access to all reject statistics and parameters.

The user interface includes:

  • Active parameter change log
  • Easy inspection setting adjustments
  • Screen data history
  • Remote access
  • Menu-guided bottle change overs
  • Spare parts lists
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Configurable user screens for controlled access levels

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