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Thermal Inspection

Transporting packages with incorrect amounts of hot melt adhesive can result in load shifts, insecure loading, impact, rips, and even punctures to the product itself, causing entire loads to either being delayed or rejected and costing thousands of dollars in claims.

FILTEC’s Thermal Glue Inspection technology protects your products, customers, and reputation by:

Avoiding costly package failure at each point in the supply chain

Eliminating cases and boxes that stick together because of excess glue

Building stronger cases to prevent rupture and collapse

Improving storage integrity and warehouse safety

TGI Intellect

Product Features

Thermal and Vision technology pinpoints and alerts you to missing, excess, and insufficient hot melt adhesive on packages.

Thermal Inspection Cameras
Automatic Changeover

An automated inspection camera can be changed over for new cartons at the push of a button.

Thermal Glue Inspection is based on INTELLECT technologies and shows you real-time and historical rejection results so that you can uncover trends and quickly resolve errors.

INTELLECT Technologies
Compact Design

Thermal Glue Inspection footprint is compact enough to fit on almost any line.

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Filtec Thermal Glue Inspection

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