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INTELLECT Inspection Platform

FILTEC INTELLECT is a unique container inspection platform designed to track, monitor, and report on container quality through each step of the entire packaging process.

INTELLECT provides a user-friendly 19″ color touch screen operator interface. The platform integrates multiple types of inspection technologies in a modular fashion to reduce size-of-footprint on the line. 

The INTELLECT Platform Provides:


Utilize appropriate vision, photon and sensor technologies to measure, verify and inspect containers and monitor for quality assurance


Operator stations and Ethernet connectivity integrates INTELLECT modules throughout your production line


Seamlessly integrate inspection modules into comprehensive solution for each location on the production line

Product Features

Filtec Intellect Screen Shots

User-friendly Operator Interface

• Smartphone look and feel
• Intuitive navigation
• Apps for different functions

Event Tracking

• Keeps track of operator activities,
including log-in information

• Database of diagnostic messages

Online Documentation

• Manuals
• Electrical schematics
• Onboard parts list

Smart, Scalable, Connected Inspection for Every Line

There is an INTELLECT for every line and almost any type of product container. Intellect integrates with FILTEC’s broad range of bottle, can, and case inspection modules, including:

Empty Bottle or Empty Can Inspection
Fill Level Inspection
Filler Management Inspection
Pressure Inspection
Closure Inspection
Label Inspection
Full Pack Inspection
Thermal Glue Inspection

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Filtec Thermal Glue Inspection

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