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INTELLECT Inspection Platform

Going beyond standard inspection products, INTELLECT is a unique Container Inspection Platform that uses various sensing and measurement technologies to provide a total inspection solution for food, beverage, chemical, or pharmaceutical container quality.

The INTELLECT Platform Provides:


Utilize appropriate vision, photon and sensor technologies to measure, verify and inspect containers and monitor for quality assurance


Operator stations, I/O or data links like OPC-UA and Modbus enable connectivity to the production line


Seamlessly integrate inspection modules into comprehensive solution for each location on the production line

Smart, Scalable, Connected Inspection for Every Line

Any INTELLECT system can grow as the inspection solution or connectivity needs grow. The INTELLECT platform provides various environmental packages to scale the system with the solution and future needs.

For an initial small solution the entire INTELLECT system with support unit, system server and operator station is housed in one compact environmental unit located near the production line and compact inspection modules can be located in environmental inspection heads on the production line.

For larger solutions, various environmental units housing various combinations of system units and inspection modules are provided depending on the scope of the solution.

Product Features

With INTELLECT, line operators are able to ensure product quality and maximize process efficiency through the process with accurate inspection of empty containers, fill level, closure integrity, labels, codes and markings, leakage and pressure on outgoing retail and wholesale packages. Seamless integration enables the use of an optimum combination of these modules for best solution at any location through the production line. INTELLECT provides cost-effective, reliable solutions for maximum results and return on investment (ROI).

Empty Can Inspection


Thermal Glue Inspection

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