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FILTEC has been manufacturing innovative food, beverage, and pharma inspection systems for sixty years. Our inspection systems are designed to increase the efficiency of your production line and protects your brand integrity allowing you to provide quality products to your consumers. We manufacture empty and full container inspection systems for bottles, cans, and PET. Contact us for a consultation, one of our industry experts will assist you with an inspection solution that will meet your production needs.

Glass Inspection

Detect bottle imperfections prior to the filling process and underfilled or damaged products before they reach the customer.

PET Inspection

Regardless of the size, our PET inspection products detect damaged containers and provide quality control for filled containers.

Can Inspection

Inspect cans for nixs, dings, and dents before the reach the filler. Our x-ray, optical, and gamma based solutions detect fill and pressure levels before they reach the market.

Case Inspection

Full case inspection for closed or open cases with glass, PET, or can containers.

Laser Coding

Premiere, permanent marking, and coding on labels, plastics, and glass. Clear font with no sideways lean or text wobble.

Custom Inspection

We create inspection solutions for all container sizes, shapes, closures, and thickness. Let us know what we can do for you.

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