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Vision Empty Can Inspection

The Filtec Empty Can Inspection Solution is a highly configurable system that uses Vision technology to detect defects in empty cans on lines running up to 2,400 cans per minute (CPM). It uses a dual circular top lighting station that illuminates the inspection area for inspection of empty cans’ flange, surface, and bottom.

System Highlights:

  • Modern Vision inspection technology with 2.3 mega-pixel color cameras
  • Compact machine footprint
  • Easily integrates with existing production lines
  • Reduces jams at the filler and seamer
  • Continuous monitoring and statistical analysis of container integrity

Before aluminum cans reach the filler, they can easily suffer damages to:

Inner Sidewalls



The solution’s proprietary ECI software algorithms detect:

Grooves, wrinkles and coating

Visible cracks and holes

Oil, grease and stains


Foreign objects

Bent, damaged or cracked

Short or missing flange

Metal slivers

Residual liquid

Extend the value of this solution with INTELLECT

INTELLECT’s complementary applications and modules can be configured for a wide range of can inspection types. Each can is tracked, documented, and either continue or is removed from the line if necessary.

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