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Empty Container

Ensure Quality Bottles and Cans Reach Your Customers

FILTEC offers best-in-market solutions for both empty can and empty bottle inspection.

The FILTEC Empty Bottle Inspection Solution uses the highest quality imaging capabilities to inspect glass, PET, and reusable bottles for foreign objects or damage to inner and outer sidewall, base, finish and threads.

The FILTEC Empty Can Inspection Solution is a machine vision solution to identify foreign objects and damage to can sidewalls, base, rims, and sealing flange – before they create leaks or ruptures that can result in expensive line jams and downtime.

FILTEC’s Empty Container solutions for Bottles and Cans Include:

glass and PET bottle inspection
Filtec Empty Can Inspection

PET and Glass Bottle Inspection

  • All-surface, pre-wash Empty Glass Bottle and refPET Inspection System
  • Detects foreign objects and flaws in the base, sidewall, finish, and threads of empty transparent containers
  • Operates at speeds of over 1,400 containers per minute
  • Performs a thorough inspection of all container surfaces and rejects imperfect bottles before they reach the filler
  • Protects you from expensive false reject waste and customer complaints

Empty Can Inspection

  • Utilizes Vision technology to detect defects in empty cans
  • Detects defects in empty cans on lines running up to 2,400 cans per minute (CPM)
  • Inspects the sidewalls, base and flange for bends, cracks, and foreign substances
  • Reduces jams at the filler and seamer
  • Integrates with FILTEC INTELLECT for continuous monitoring and statistical analysis of container integrity

FILTEC Empty Container Solutions are powered by INTELLECT, providing: 

A user-friendly 19″ color touch screen operator interface

Ability to track, monitor, and report on container quality through each step of the entire packaging process

Compact line footprint – fits on almost any line

Integration with all FILTEC Intellect inspection modules – offers end-to-end connectivity, consistency and inspection coverage

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