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Vision Empty ACL Bottle Inspection

Applied Ceramic Labeling (ACL) is a screen printing process in which paints are applied directly to glass bottles and cured at high temperatures. The paints are bonded to the glass through this process resulting in a permanent label that is scratch and water-resistant. This durable label allows for reusing the glass many times over.  However, over time the ACL print and color can fade or bottles with different print can mix into the production bottle float.

The Vision ACL inspection solution is an automated machine vision system for bottles with ACL printing. The system inspects every bottle to prevent bottles with incorrect ACL from being sent to the filler.

ACL Bottles

Inspecting for correct ACL with FILTEC:

Reduces waste and increases efficiency of the entire downstream production process

Provides improved product quality and greater brand protection

Is easily set up for a variety of bottle types

Can be configured with a wide range of INTELLECT’s complementary applications and modules

FILTEC Vision Inspection for ACL Bottles

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