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Case sealing machines are not capable of detecting broken, misplaced, or proper container placement in the case. The 3CI is a full case and flap inspection system for closed or open cases with glass, PET, or can containers.  Incorporating a case inspection system on your production line will eliminate downtime, product loss, and quality and customer satisfaction issues.
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3XR & 3G

Compact. Efficient. The most reliable, high-speed fill level inspection system worldwide for decades. Available in both X-Ray and Gamma configurations, the 3XR & 3G is one of the most used fill level inspection systems in the beverage industry.
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AuraTec is a smart and dependable inspection system that is equipped with a visible laser beam and line scan camera providing unmatched accuracy in the industry. The true advantage lies in the tolerance of the container positioning. Providing consistent inspection under any production line condition, results are accurate with no false rejects. When coupled with the QUADVIEW, we can ensure package seal integrity at high speeds. Take a look at the QUADVIEW and AURATEC video.
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ECI is a highly configurable vision inspection system that detects defects in empty cans such as deformities, distortion, and damages. FILTEC’s ECI reduces downtime and increases production line efficiency by reducing jams at the filler and seamer.
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Intellect powers all FILTEC inspection machines and is equipped with an advanced modular system that provides:
  • Upgradeability for customers with existing FILTEC inspection systems, eliminating obsolescence concerns and enabling expansion capabilities
  • Flexibility and expandability by supporting all FILTEC inspection systems, whether at initial installation or by incorporating additional inspections sensors at a later date thus saving cost, production line real estate, and inventory
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Lasetec4 high-speed laser coding for customers who prioritize quality, accuracy, flexibility, and durability.
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OmniVision3 is an all surface Empty Bottle and PET Inspection System that detects foreign objects and flaws in the base, sidewall, finish, and threads of empty transparent containers. OmniVision3 has the fastest image processing technology in the market.
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Inspecting bottles can be a challenge and as your production line grows, you want a system that can easily integrate with your current production line. Equipped with a 720-degree field of view inspection capability, the all-new QUADVIEW is the system you need. To ensure package seal integrity, combine the QUADVIEW with the AURATEC, this dynamic duo guarantees package seal integrity. Take a look at the package seal integrity video.
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Vision is a highly advanced, modular vision system to fulfill a wide variety of packaging inspection requirements including fill level, closure, and label inspection. Vision's inspection capabilities allow for a wide range of configurations to meet the changing needs of the modern packaging line.
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