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Global Inspection Leader Announces New Integrated Inspection System, INTELLECT+

LOS ANGELES, JANUARY 23, 2018 – FILTEC, a worldwide leader in in-line inspection solutions for the food and beverage industry, announces its new inspection system, INTELLECT+.

inspection system interface for all FILTEC inspection systemsINTELLECT+ is a common scalable platform that is retrofittable to all installed FILTEC products such as VISION, FILTEC 3XR and 3G, AURATEC, and 3CI. The innovative system Integration eliminates obsolescence issues providing immediate cost savings for customers with reduced inventory needs and training investment. Designed for inspection applications for PET, can, and bottle, INTELLECT+ is the one product for all applications.

FILTEC’s INTELLECT+ is breaking all the inspection system rules, said Leon Coetzee, VP Product Marketing at FILTEC. The innovative future-proof interface package is upgradeable, scalable, and easily adaptable to meet our customer’s most challenging needs. As packaging needs change and the desire to simplify the production line increases, INTELLECT+ is a “peace of mind” inspection system purchase.”

INTELLECT+ is just one of the next generation advances from FILTEC as the company continues to expand its research and development department. INTELLECT+ is available for purchase. For more information, request a quote or contact us.


Founded in 1958, FILTEC is a leading provider of in-line inspection solutions for the beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries. With local offices and support in over 20 international territories, FILTEC has served some of the world’s most iconic brands on a global scale for over half a century.

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