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Photon Fill Level Inspection with Intellect

The FILTEC Photon Fill Level Inspection solution uses
Gamma or X-Ray for a range of height detection such
as underfill, overfill and fill level. The solution ensures precise filling in containers of various shapes, sizes, and types. Fill levels are inspected and controlled even when the content is not visible from the outside of the container.

This solution utilizes the Compact Intellect inspection platform. With Intellect, you can view production line performance in real-time.

Photon fill level inspection

Photon Fill Level Inspects For:

Overfill or underfill

DUD detection (proper seal)

Bulged can

High or cocked cap

High or low foam

High or low foam

Missing cap or lid

Missing foil seal

Smashed container

Down can

System Highlights Include:

  • Height adjustment for head and trigger: precise, reliable, and convenient action

  • Integrated power switch or small external switch box

  • LED beacon and illuminated pipes

  • Cable entry in the bottom of the head: clean installation

  • Vortex cooler integrated in head

  • Trigger mounting with improved design

X-Ray Inspection for Bottles

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Filtec Photon Fill Level Brochure

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