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Sensor Pressure Solution for Cans

The FILTEC Sensor Pressure Solution for Cans is an automated inspection system for canning lines. The system inspects every can to prevent incorrectly pressurized cans being shipped to the consumer.

The solution combines sophisticated sensing technology with state-of-the-art electronics housed in a stainless-steel environmental enclosure.

Sensor Pressure Solution for Cans
Closed and Open Aluminum Cans

Inspecting cans for correct pressure:

Reduces waste

Avoids product spoilage or contamination

Increases efficiency of the entire downstream production process

Provides improved product quality and greater brand protection

The solution is easily configured with a wide range of INTELLECT’s compatible applications and modules. Standard features include:​

Operator Station with Touchscreen

Inspection Support Unit with Cooling System

Deflection Sensor

Digital Inspection Head Height Indicator

Compact Intellect Station

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