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Vision Inspection

Machine Vision is the modern, reliable, and safe approach to quality assurance inspection. It combines hardware and software to define safety parameters and measure for those parameters. This replaces the need for human labor to monitor production lines and judge whether or not a container passes or fails inspection.

FILTEC has a wide range of Vision Inspection Solutions that utilize camera and image processing software to examine and inspect the quality of your products.

FILTEC Vision inspection solutions include:

Empty Bottle Inspection

Empty Bottle Inspection – Ensure that your glass and refillable PET bottles are clean, free of damages, and free of contaminants before they reach your customers.

FILTEC Empty Can Inspection

Empty Can InspectionUse Vision technology to detect defects in the flange, surface, and bottom of empty cans on lines running up to 2,400 cans per minute (CPM). 

Fill Level Analysis in INTELLECT

Vision Fill Level Inspection – The FILTEC Vision Fill Level system inspects containers for fill level on bottling lines up to 1,200 bottles per minute (BPM).

Compact Vision Closure for Bottles

Vision Closure Inspection – The solution uses sophisticated optical technology to inspect bottles for a variety of
closure and lid defects.

Bottle Pressure Inspection

Vision Pressure InspectionPrecisely measure the external surface topography of closures to ensure they meet  internal pressure or vacuum requirements.

FILTEC Vision Label Inspection

Vision Label InspectionUse Vision technology to inspect the placement and condition of glue-on and shrink sleeve labels on bottles.

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