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Gamma Inspection Solutions for Full Packs

The FILTEC Gamma Inspection Solution for Full Packs is an automated inspection system for full packs (cases, crates, and shrink packs) on lines operating up to 300 packs per minute or 150ft/min (46m/min).

The system inspects each pack to prevent packs with missing or partially filled containers from being shipped to the consumer. It combines sophisticated photon sensing technology with state-of-the-art electronics housed in a stainless-steel environmental enclosure.

Pack inspection represents the final point in production for Quality Assurance (QA) inspection. At this point in the process, any pack that has missing or underfilled containers is detected, documented, and removed prior to shipment.

The Gamma Inspection Solution for full packs provides pack visibility for improved product quality and greater brand protection. The solution is easily set up for a variety of pack types and can be configured with a wide range of INTELLECT’s complementary applications and modules.

Solution Features

Inspects full packs containing glass, PET or cans

High-sensitivity, large-diameter scintillation detector can inspect packs with more than four container columns wide

Inspects for:


Missing containers


Grossly underfilled containers


Broken containers


Displaced containers


Leaking containers

Optional two-tier configuration permits inspection of a second pack level with two identical in-line Gamma Inspection Solutions

Optional flap inspection checks for:


Trailing flap


Leading flap


Un-slit or side flap inspection


High flap

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