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FILTEC Introduces its New Thermal Glue Inspection Solution

FILTEC (www.filtec.com), a global leader in food, beverage, household goods, and pharmaceutical inspection machines, is proud to announce a new solution for hot melt adhesive inspection.

FILTEC Thermal Glue Inspection Solution with Intellect

FILTEC’s Thermal Glue Inspection Solution with INTELLECT Smart Inspection Platform

Businesses face a number of challenges when transporting cartons and cases of products. Load shifts, rips, and even punctures to the product itself can result in entire loads either being delayed or rejected, costing thousands of dollars in claims. In fact, according to Packaging Digest magazine, as many as 11% of loads arriving at distribution centers experience some form of carton damage.


FILTEC’s Thermal Glue Inspection solution is designed to help businesses protect against potential product damages, case ruptures, and costs of carton rework labor and materials due to too much, too little, or improperly placed glue on product packaging.

This solution combines thermal and vision technologies to:

  • Ensure the accuracy and precision of the inspection
  • Detect and reject non-compliant cartons and cases consistently
  • Categorize defect patterns for reporting and maintenance

With a small footprint, automatic inspection head changeover, and ability to also scan for dates and lot codes, the Thermal Glue Inspection solution will increase your production line efficiency and deliver ROI with each use.

“FILTEC has an ongoing commitment to innovation, service, and quality in the inspection industry,” states Jim James Kearbey, FILTEC President and CEO. “Our new Thermal Glue Inspection technology is designed to help businesses in a wide range of industries maintain highly-efficient and cost-effective production lines.”

Filtec’s Thermal Glue Inspection Solution is based on the unique INTELLECT Container Inspection Platform. INTELLECT integrates various sensing and measurement technologies to provide a total inspection solution for container quality, offers ease of use, and the ability to view results from multiple inspection applications on one Operator Station. INTELLECT uses real-time data to calculate the health of your packaging process and provides relevant visual information to uncover trends before they become costly problems.

Learn more about the Thermal Glue Inspection Solution at: https://info.filtec.com/thermal-glue.

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